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With over 10 years on the market, Accessories Agency has proven to be a reliable partner.

Companys Suppliers
Companys Buyers

Companys Suppliers
Accessories Agency maintains long-term business relationships with both the leading, well-known fashion accessories industry players as well and small but original in design manufacturers.

Among the companys suppliers are such companies as: Artist Empire Int'l Group Co.(Hong Kong), Bobby Creation (India), Bronte (Hong Kong), Cyprea International Inc. (Philippines), Creazioni Beppe & Sandra (Italy), Fashion House (Hong Kong), Ferimar Import-Export, Inc. (Philippines), Fuzhou Jindeli Arts Co., Ltd. (P.R.C.), Madreperla , S. A. (Spain), My! Bijoux International Corp. (Taiwan), Regent Deluxe Co. (P.R.C.), Riccardi Cristalli S.n.c. (Italy) and many others.

Accessories Agency always welcomes new business partners and manufacturers and would be glad to receive information about new suppliers and their products. It is most preferable if the supplier is able to provide monthly or seasonable updates of the product collections, because Accessories Agency strives to offer to its clients the most up-to-date production to the latest fashion trends. For those manufacturers, who wish to send samples, special address is provided by companys staff.

Particularly at this moment, the company is searching for suppliers of the following product categories:
- Key rings / bag key chains: made from metal (classical style) or from leather, fabric or other materials (fashion style).
- Mobile phone charms with/without stones.
- Evening purses decorated by seed beads.
- Women's fashion belts with stones on the buckle.
- Rhinestone jewelry.
- Acrylic hair ornaments: pins, shark clips, clips, ponytails.
- Fabric hair ornaments.
- Metal hair ornaments with/without stones.
- Women's fashion hand watches.
- Men's accessories: tie clips, cuffs (from alloy and brass metals).
- Steal imitation jewelry (both for men and women).
- Children jewelry and accessories (mirrors)
- Packaging.

Companys Buyers
Accessories Agency works with the major product distributors in the Russian Federation:

- Bijoux Land / Grey Stone Group: a group of companies, which market their products under the trade mark Bijoux Land and Grey Stone. The market share of Bijoux Land brand is of 4% of the Russian costume jewelry and fashion accessories. The brand Grey Stone covers 7% of the market share.

- Zinger Group manicure supplies, fancy goods, and nail cosmetics with about 38 % of the respective market share.
Among Accessories Agencys permanent buyers are such companies as: AIR design, Ask! fashion chain stores, Bourjois, City Flash, Gift Land, Igora, MaxFactor, Schwarzkopf, RA Commandor, Arbat-Prestige chain stores, ZH chain stores, Dzintars and others.

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